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Online Campus - Content

About the Content Tool

Use the Content tool to access course materials, receive instructions, complete required activities, and monitor your completion progress on topics contained within each course module.

Accessing the Content Tool

The Content tool is located on the course toolbar.

Online Campus - Course toolbar with Content highlighted

Content Tool Overview

Content Tool

1. Overview

When you access a course's Content tool for the first time, the first page you land on is the Overview, which instructors might use to post the course syllabus and introductory material. If your instructor has left the Overview blank, you will not see it listed and you will land on the Table of Contents.


Topics you bookmark will appear in a list on the Bookmarks page. The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many bookmarks you have.

3. Course Schedule

The Course Schedule page lists course material due dates, start dates, end dates, overdue course activities, and all events within the course from the Calendar tool for the next seven days. The number of overdue items in the course appears in red. Course events are also listed in the Calendar tool.

Note: Not all instructors use the Calendar tool. Always check your courses for due dates.

4. The Table of Contents

The Table of Contents panel will lists all modules available in your course. If numbers appear beside each module name in the Table of Contents panel, it indicates that topics are being tracked for completion and that you have that number of topics you have not accessed.

Modules can contain submodules. Submodules will have a tracking completion number too.

Types of Content

Content in the Table of Contents can be:

  • Webpage (HTML) text
  • Word documents
  • Adobe PDF documents
  • Links to websites
  • Links to other Online Campus tools

5. Course Content Option

The course content option located on the Table of Contents page allows you to download your course content in zip file format.

6. Print

Print your course outline, or navigate to a module's landing page to print a module's outline. You can also print an individual content topic.

7. Completion Status

The completion status bar is located above the content items and indicates the percentage of content items that have been accessed

8. Content Item Options

The drop arrow next to content items indicates that there are options for that item. Accessing the drop arrow next to the content item will display menu options available for that item.

9. Topic Task Indicator

Each topic will have a task indicator to the right. The topic task indicator will let you know if you have accessed the item or if that task still needs to be completed.