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Online Campus - Course Home

This information will show you how to navigate a Course Home page.

The Course Home is a central area for accessing course-specific information. The Course Home page contains a minibar, course menu, and course widgets.

Online Campus - Course Home

The Course Home is the first page you visit when you enter a course. To access a Course Home, you must select it from the course selector on the minibar, select it from the My Courses widget, or use the search feature to find the course.

The Minibar

The toolbar at the top of the homepage is the minibar. The minibar is always present and allows you to navigate within the Online Campus learning environment.

Online Campus - Course Home - Minibar

The minibar is context sensitive, which means options may change when you go from the Online Campus My Home page to a course.  Review the Minibar section on the Online Campus My Home section for more information.

My Course Menu

The course menu contains links to course tools.

Online Campus - Course Home - Course Menu highlighted

Some of the tools are accessed from a drop menu.

Online Campus - Course Home - Course Menu tools expanded

Course Home Widgets

The Course Home page contains widgets. The most common widgets are Announcements, Updates, and Calendar. Some widgets will update according to activities in the course. Other widgets may contain text information and links.

Class Announcements Widget

The Announcements widget may be used by your instructor to communicate information to the entire class.

Hiding / Dismissing Announcements

Announcements can be hidden by selecting the X next to the announcement title. Announcements can only be deleted by the instructor.

Viewing / Restoring Dismissed Announcements

Announcements can still be viewed and/or restored if they are dismissed.

  1. On the course home page, select the drop arrow next to Announcements.

Announcements tool menu

  1. Select Go to Announcements Tool.
  2. Select the drop arrow next to the announcement item title.

Announcements view and restore options

  1. Select View or Restore

Updates Widget

The class Updates widget will reflect when items are due or have become available.

Online Campus - Course Home - Updates

Calendar Widget

The Calendar widget displays the current date, a month view, and upcoming events.

Online Campus - Course Home - Calendar Widget

Selecting the drop arrow next to the current date will cause the calendar to expand. Dates that contain calendar items will be indicated with a blue dot. Selecting any of the dates will open calendar tool.

Selecting the drop arrow next to Upcoming events will expand the tool and display the event titles.  Selecting any of the events will open the event details in the calendar tool.