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Online Campus - Quizzes: Summary

Quiz Information

Before you start a quiz, it is a good idea to read any information available about the quiz. The Quiz Summary page will provide you with details about the quiz and any other information your instructor provides.

Opening A Quiz Summary

  1. Access a course.
  2. Select Course Work on the course menu.
  3. Select Quizzes
    • The Quiz List page opens.
  4. Select the title of the quiz
    • The quiz summary page will open

Quiz Summary Page Example

  1. Quiz Options: Select the drop arrow to see what options are available.
  2. Description (Dependent): This is an optional item that may be provided by your instructor. It is not required.
  3. Quiz Details - Current Time: IMPORTANT! The time listed here is the time that is marked as you enter the quiz. If this is a timed quiz, make sure you update this before you enter the quiz.
  4. Quiz Period: Dates the quiz is available and/or due.
  5. Time Allowed: Time allowed for this quiz and/or suggested time in which you should complete the quiz.
  6. Attempts: Attempts allowed for this quiz. Before you start a multi-attempt quiz, be sure you are aware of the quiz settings. You may want to study a little more before accessing.  Instructors can apply one of the following settings for multiple quiz attempts:
    • Highest Attempt: Only the participant's highest quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
    • Lowest Attempt: Only the participant's lowest quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
    • Average of all Attempts: The average of all of the participant's quiz attempts is calculated and used as the overall grade.
    • First Attempt: Only the participant's first quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
    • Last Attempt: Only the participant's last quiz attempt is counted for the overall grade.
    • Restrict Access to Attempts:  A minimum and/or maximum percentage (0 - 100) that needs to be achieved on the previous attempt to qualify for another attempt.
    • Some quizzes are set to pull from a database of questions. Pulling from a database of questions means you will not necessarily receive the same questions in your first attempt as you did in your second attempt.
  7. Introduction (Dependent): This is an optional item that may be provided by your instructor. It is not required.
  8. Instructions: Generic, but important quiz instructions. Notice it says, "You can SAVE your response to each question as you work through the quiz." Saving your responses is a good idea.
  9. Start Quiz: Selecting this will open the quiz and the time is noted.