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Online Campus - Discussion - Posting New

Creating a New Discussion Post

  1. Enter a course
  2. Select Course Work from the course menu
  3. Select Discussions
  4. Select the name of the topic where you are posting a message
    • The discussion topic will become active.
  5. Select Start a New Thread (Do not do this if you are instructed to respond to an instructor's post)

The Discussion Dialogue Box

Discussion post dialogue box

  1. Topic Title: Select the drop arrow to see available menu options
  2. Discussion Restrictions and/or Date Settings (Dependent):
    • If your instructor has added any conditions to the topic, such as availability dates and/or lock settings, you will see them here. Many discussions have points assigned to them, so pay attention to due dates.
  3. Subject: Enter a subject for your discussion.
  4. Message HTML Editor Toolbar: Various options that can be used to edit discussion text.
  5. Message HTML Editor Toolbar - More Option: Depending on your screen resolution, you may have the "more" button available. When selected, more options that are available for text editing will be displayed.
  6. Message Field: Enter your discussion message in this field.
  7. Message Field Options: Options that can be applied to text or the text area.
    • Check Spelling: Checks spelling (not grammar)
    • Edit HTML Source: Selecting this option will open the text in an HTML only view.
    • Preview: Displays your text the way others will access.
    • Toggle Full Screen: Expands the Message Field box to allow for more input space. Be aware that your text will conform to the user's screen size.
    • Resize Window: Select and drag to expand the Message Field box with precision.
  8. Attachment Option: Add an attachment if applicable.